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IS17@66.0E fre(3844)SYM(28800)POLAR(V) IS20@68.5E fre(4089)SYM(14367)POLAR(H) Title of imageAsiasat7@105.0E FRQ(4180) SYM(30000) POLAR(V) Asiasat7@105.5E FR(3860)SYM(28100)POLAR(V) Asiasat7@105.5E FR(4180)SYM(30000)POLAR(V) IS17@66.0E FR(3844)SYM(28800)POLAR(V) IS17@66.0 FR(3845)SY(28800)POLAR(V) Intelsat17@66.0E fre(3877)SYM(14300)POLAR(H)Insat4a@83.0E fre(4054)SYM(13230)POLAR(H)title of imageIS17@66.0,FRQ(3877) SYM(14300)POLAR(H)IS17@66.0E,FRQ(3845) SYM(30000)POLAR(H)
Dear's satheesh sat other tracking service hindu and christian and islam satellite channel's,and edusat satellite channel's and tamil fta& other country satllite english news channel's for setting our place home,charch,school,college's,company.any information to contact k.satheeshkumar cell;9659513624( service available tamilnadu only)

25 Jul 2013


Dear friends new hindi bakthi channel SRI MAHAVIRA tv start test tramsmission for insat4a sat.this channel   start rose tv rights in india.sri mahavira tv running some programms enjoy...
parameter deatils:
freq rate       3805
symol rate    28500
polar            H
system         mpeg4/dvb s
mode           fta

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